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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Treatsbox October 2015 unboxing

If you remember quite well, I decided I would do something fun, something different with this blog by doing a comparative analysis between snack boxes available for Canadians.  I am at my second box, and this time around, I am reviewing the Treatsbox. 

Treatsbox is 16.99$ for the regular box and 33.99$ for the epic box (which is apparently twice the size of the regular box).  Shipping is extra at 12.00$.  I am uncertain if shipping is different for the US or for the Epic Box but I know that's what I paid for my Regular Box.

Box looks like this and is heavier than I expected.  But when you see the amount of candy I got, you'll understand why it was so heavy. 
I know, right?  that's A LOT of candy!  So candy lovers, right there, this should be an absolute win.  I won't base myself on prices as this will be hard to evaluate in certain cases.   Let's start with the small guys:

Mary Jane Toffee (3) is apparently a peanut butter molasses toffee.  Sounds pretty awesome seeing I am a huge peanut butter fan.
Dubble Bubble Fizzers Bubble Gum (2) promises a bubble gum that fizzes on your tonuge like soda pop.
Tootsie Frooties (9) is the texture of a regular tootsie roll but in fruit flavors.  Already like these, so this is a win for me.
Chocolate Mint Candies (2).  I can't find these candies online for the life of me but they are fairly common.  I have seen these at the Dollar Store by our house.
Arcor Strawberry Candy (1) is another common candy that is found at the Dollar Store near us.  I like these though and they remind me of gifts my brother and I used to give our teachers for Christmas when we were younger.
Pixy Stix (6) is another classic.

Airheads in Orange (1) a nice taffy candy I enjoy...also readily available.

Jolly Rancher Apple Stix (1) is a new one for me.  I like Jolly Ranchers though, so will be trying this later on.

Big Slice Pops in Peach (3) is another new candy and peach is an uncommon sucker flavor.

Jolly Rancher Pop in Watermelon (1), I've had before, so not a surprise.

Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop (1) is a new one for me and looks pretty good.

Betty Boop Lip Gloss Candy (1) is a strange one but intriguing.  It's strawberry flavored.

Starburst Pop in Cherry (1) I have a hard time finding online.  Doesn't seem that uncommon though.

Spring Pops Lollipops in Apple (1) is an apple lollipop on a spring.

Sour Blast Candy Spray in Strawberry (1) is the candy Alex automatically reached out is in a grenade form, of course.

Nerd Rope (1) this makes me happy.  I always wanted to try this!

Wonka Spree (1) I didn't realize these candies looked like this.  I thought this was a new one but I'm almost certain I've had this when I was a child.

Tic Tac Mixers Cherry Cola (1) what?!  that exists? These are fantastic!!

Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks (1) It's a bigger package than the one in the link but it still is the same product.  Everybody has had Popeye's cigarette candy...same deal.  Even comes with a marvel tattoo.

Radpack Bubblegum(1) this is intriguing.  Each bubblegum has strange properties (heat, cool, foaming, sourness, etc.)

Spiderman Popping Candy in Strawberry (1) comes with a lollipop.

Yummy Banana Toffee (1) this one will be the death of me.  Well not literally...but I am allergic to bananas but I've never had this so I might sneak a small piece with a benadryl pill just so I can say I've tried it.  The rest, I'm sure Alex will happily consume.

And last but not least:

Spitz Sunflower Seeds in Dill Pickle (1)  I've had these before and they are quite tangy and filling.  Have more than one serving in this little bag

Cadbury Flake (1) Also have had this but it is not easily found.  It's a flakey chocolate bar, quite good.

Cadbury White Buttons (1) and I've also had buttons before but not in white chocolate so I am happy to give these a go.

That covers everything included in my Treatsbox.  What are your thoughts on this box?  Does anything I received intrigue you?  Do not hesitate to comment below or leave me questions :)

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  1. FYI: Shipping to the US costs more than the actual treatsbox does.